Bruynzeel Storage Systems develops, manufactures, sells and maintains innovative storage solutions for offices, archives, museums and warehouses.

As a producer, consultant and installer, Bruynzeel Storage Systems is a market leader in the development of space-saving archiving and storage systems. The company’s head office and factory are located on a single site in Panningen, Netherlands, covering an area of ​​28,000 m2. Bruynzeel sells in nine European countries through dedicated sales offices and globally via a network of distributors in 43 countries.

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We organise your space

By providing innovative, space-saving solutions.

This is supported by our core values​​:


Helping each other is a core element of our business. Mutual respect, engagement, support and trust are principles which we value highly. Team work and cooperation apply both in interactions with colleagues as well as in relationships with customers.


Our aim is to bring to market innovative products through the application of our knowledge and expertise. We stay abreast of new developments, allowing us to offer a forward-looking and comprehensive product range.

Customer orientated

The satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders is our guiding principle. Our customers are our primary focus. We listen to their needs, desires and demands and make every effort to meet their expectations. They motivate us to develop successful, more creative solutions!


We look at each storage project with fresh eyes in order to uncover the best possible solution. We challenge ourselves every day, adapting our viewpoint. Our creative process challenges us to think, identify, discover, explore, investigate, understand, create and, lastly, consolidate.

Winning mentality

We have a positive attitude, working together as a team to get the job done. We never give up. We are committed to do whatever it takes to find the best possible solution for every issue we face.


Bruynzeel products conform to leading international quality standards and are certified by independent experts in this field.