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Free Design and Space Planning

Are you looking to renew your archive shelving and storage? Finding a good supplier to support your archive conservation or modern records storage plan is key to completing your project successfully and on budget.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems has a long history of supplying archive shelving and archival storage cabinets to a wide range of projects in the UK, from The National Archives and National Library of Wales to Dudley Archives and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

We offer a no-obligation advice service for organisations planning a new or refurbished archive, regardless of size.

What is your storage need?

From archive box shelving to flat map storage and cantilever racking, our specialists can help you identify the systems and products best suited for the storage of your collection or modern records archive. Bruynzeel offers a full range of products to meet any challenge. Our specialist project managers will help you maximise the use of your available space. Plans can incorporate door openings, restricted height ceilings – even ventilation ducts. Our bespoke solutions include:

  • Archive box shelving
  • Cantilever racking for rolled maps
  • Deep shelving for special collections
  • Plan chests for flat map storage
  • Drawers and cabinets
  • Static and mobile shelving for boxed material
  • Shelving for books and documents
  • Picture racking

Archive and Records Association Membership

We support the development of a strong archive sector through our membership of the Archive and Records Association in the UK and Ireland.

Bruynzeel is a market leader in static and mobile shelving for archives. All our storage installations conform to PD5454:2002 Guide for the Storage and Exhibition of Archive Materials.

Static archive shelving

statische archiefrekken

Static archive shelving is a suitable option for a repository that is in regular use by a number of different staff or visitors, where floor plate allows. Archive material is readily available to all users via permanent aisles, avoiding bottlenecks in the store room. Bruynzeel’s static archive shelving is available in varying length, height and depth measurements. This flexibility has the following advantages:

  • Easy to build around obstacles such as doors and ventilation ducts for an efficient use of space
  • The system is modular, making it easy to extend or customise as required
  • Shelf measurements are adjusted to suit the goods stored in the archive, optimising space utilisation
archive shelving

Archive Roller Racking

verrijdbare archiefrekken

Archive roller racking, or mobile shelving as it is also known, makes the best use of available space in a store room by using only a single aisle, nearly doubling the storage capacity in a given space. Archive racking can be moved individually or in multiples, where necessary. The system can be specified with extra-wide aisles, suitable for wheelchair users, without any loss of storage capacity.

Double Decker Mobile Shelving

If floor space is scarce but there is sufficient height in a storage facility, a double-decker mobile shelving system offers the ultimate space-saving solution for archive storage. A double decker system increases storage capacity in a given floor area by 400 percent, when compared with single storey static shelving. The double decker has two layers of mobile filing cabinets, with the lower and upper cabinets made up of a single unit, moving together in tandem. The first-floor mezzanine is therefore not load bearing, avoiding the need for bulky and costly alterations to the fabric of the building.

dubbel dekker archief

High Bay Shelving

In some archives, high bay shelving may be the best option for storage. For example, in a number of university settings high bay book shelving has been installed by Bruynzeel Storage Systems for stock that is rarely accessed but the institution still wishes to retain. High bay shelving is an alternate solution for outstores, where archive racking or double-decker mobile shelving is not suitable.

Different types of archive storage at a glance

The choice of system for archive storage depends on the available space, the size of items stored and the number of people who must have access to an archive. Watch this short film to explore the impact of static archive shelving, mobile shelving and the double decker systems that Bruynzeel offers for archive storage.

Archive storage for special collections

The archive storage of historical documents and rare books has special requirements. Ventilation ducts and filters can be installed to protect the archive against dust and mould. In addition to climate control, your choice of archive shelving and storage can help optimise collections storage of rare books and special collections. We offer deeper drawers and shelving for larger and more delicate items to be stored flat. In addition, Bruynzeel electronic archive racking systems are perfect for collections storage. The system offers night parking mode, where the cabinets automatically separate at night to ensure maximum ventilation and avoid stale air pockets. The shelving offers vibration-free movement and ‘fire park’ mode linked to the building’s fire alarm, as well as the potential to be specified with perforated end panels to increase air flow.

historisch archief

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