The Future of Smart Storage Systems

Compactus® Dynamic II

Available from July 2019

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State of the Art

Compactus® Dynamic

The Future


Compactus® Dynamic II

The best features for your Storage System

Renewed User Interface

Control your storage system by either turning the handle or touching the touch screen.

✔ Increased User Expierence
✔ Smart user interface on every cabinet
✔ Incorporated RF-ID reader
✔ Incorporated Approximity sensor

Dynamic II App

Configure features and system settings by using the Dynamic II app.

✔ Users and groups
✔ Access control
✔ Aisle naming
✔ LED Lighting

Extra safety & security features

Keep the users safe and your storage secure.

✔ Blockage stop (MCMS)
✔ Safety stop button
✔ Photocells
✔ Verify aisle is clear (Passive safety)
✔ Break-in protection
✔ Distance between moving cabinets less than 80 mm to prevent unauthorized access

Dynamic II App

The Compactus® Dynamic II has its own application. Connect with your storage system via your wifi network and configure features and system settings.

✔ For both iOs and Android
✔ Applicable on phone or tablet

✔ Connect via your wifi network

Configure features like:

✔ Control the access of users on all aisles
Connect your personal RF-ID tags/cards
✔ Let your system ventilate by giving all aisles an equal width
✔ Open up your system like a Library setup
✔ Save energy by turning on the energy saving mode

The Compactus® Dynamic II App is very easy to use, just download the App, connect with your storage system via your wifi network and login.

You don’t need the App to operate the system, everyday users can operate the system just by using the user interface.

Reduce your costs
and gain 50% more space

You need every square metre for your business activities. Mobile storage systems offer a number of advantages over static shelving. For example, mobile shelving makes the best use of the available space by using only a single aisle, nearly doubling the storage capacity of your system.

Mobile shelving can be moved individually or in multiples, where necessary. Space saving storage systems will help reduce your energy bill, impact on your carbon footprint and help you towards your sustainability goals. Optimising space with mobile shelving will also mean lower costs for lighting, cleaning and security, saving you money.

All our mobile shelving systems are branded as Compactus®, The leading product in single aisle systems. With each Compactus® you can choose between two drive systems, a hand crank system or an electronic system.

Interested in the advantages of Mobile Shelving Sytems?

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