A business can think of Corporate Social Responsibility to be a ”main course” or a ”side dish”, reflecting whether CSR is an essential element or a add-on grafted on to the core functions. Although there isn’t anything wrong with a high level of social responsibility in the form of a side dish, at Bruynzeel we consider CSR as one of the fundamentals of our business model.

This means that in everything we do, we consider CSR as an essential ”ingredient” to creating our main menu of products and services.


Provide solutions according to a model of circular economy


Within this framework maximise the inclusive economy


By 2025 we want to work according to the model of circular economy. By the end of 2020 we will have drawn up a plan of approach to ensure our solutions and processes meet this model.

Quick facts

For decades, we’ve been working to minimise the impact our company and our products have on the environment. It’s an ongoing effort, and we want to keep you posted on what we’re doing.


When shaping a circular economy we realise that we are only one of the many players that can make a meaningful contribution to this new economy, hence partnerships are the key element to success in this challenging process.

Together with these partners and advisers we’ve taken significant steps. With many more to come.

Health and Safety

Bruynzeel Storage Systems is a caring company. Besides operating according to local Health and Safety legislation, it is our belief that we can only continue building a solid and successful organisation when our people can work safe and feel safe. Health and safety within Bruynzeel Storage Systems therefore does not stop with working actively on eliminating any physical risk, but also includes stimulating conditions for leadership, engagement and happiness of the Bruynzeel community and its individual family members.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: Statement

Acting responsibly in the areas in which we operate, caring for our people and treating our customers fairly are key principles at the heart of everything we do.

One of Bruynzeel Storage Systems’ aims is that its employees, job applicants and suppliers should be treated fairly and that they should not be disadvantaged by unjust or unfair conditions or requirements. As part of this Bruynzeel Storage Systems bv (BSG) is committed to ensuring that there is no slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour or human trafficking in our supply chains or within any part of our operations. We do not tolerate the exploitation of anyone who is employed by us or who works with us towards achieving our business goals.

BSG supports the objectives of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”), in raising awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking. As required by Section 54 of the Act, BSG presents its slavery and human trafficking statement. This statement is drawn up in accordance with the available UK government guidance.


As we look further into the 21st century, the world is facing myriad challenges. Meeting the needs of a growing world population with a finite resource base on a planet that is already under stress requires buy-in from business. Bruynzeel Storage Systems sees it as its responsibility to make the transition to a circular economy to be able to change to a truly sustainable future. A future without waste, in symbiosis with our environment and resources. A future where every product is designed for multiple cycles of use. A future where different material and manufacturing cycles are carefully aligned, so that the output of one process always feeds the input of another.

Waste reduction

Rather than seeing emissions, manufacturing by-products, or damaged and unwanted goods as ‘waste’, for us they become raw material, nutrients for a new production cycle.


At Bruynzeel we set the standard when it comes to delivering the highest quality products. Our products meet and exceed the leading international quality standards, as evidenced by our numerous certifications from independent experts in the field.


Attracting, developing and retaining well-qualified people is important to us. To achieve this, we offer our employees the possibility to follow training or education programmes for free. Through this approach Bruynzeel hopes to stimulate continuous job and personal development and increase the value for ‘a life at and after Bruynzeel’.


Bruynzeel Storage Systems expects high standards of business behaviour from itself and its partners.

Should you have a serious issue or concern related to Bruynzeel Storage Systems regarding malpractice, wrong doing, instances of fraud, a breach of ethical procedures or anything that you feel reflects questionable business procedures, we strongly encourage you to send an e-mail providing the relevant information to whistleblower@bruynzeel.org.

If you have concerns in disclosing your identity and prefer to stay anonymous please use the web form below to submit your concerns.

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