In museum and gallery archives, paintings are usually stored in specially designed picture racks. With three types of racks and seven different options, Bruynzeel has the perfect solution for the storage of your valuable and irreplaceable artwork collection.

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  • Picture racks are fully equipped with an epoxy coating.
  • ArteStore picture racks can be customised and made to order.


Bruynzeel offers a choice of three types of picture racks: pull-out picture racks, mobile picture racks and fixed picture racking

  • Pull-out picture racks have the advantage that the paintings are easily accessible while the space is very efficiently utilised. To view a painting, only one picture rack need be moved.
  • Mobile picture racks, also named Compactus® ArteStore picture racks, make optimal use of the available space by using a single aisle. The mobile shelving can be moved individually in batches, thereby utilising a single aisle to access the collection and optimising storage capacity as a result.
  • Fixed picture racks are used for transit, or for storage at temporary repositories and off-site facilities.

Rolled carpet racks offer an alternative functional solution for large canvases.


Suspended picture racks: ArteStore Penda

Suspended picture racks operate with near-zero vibration and are extremely stable. They offer the advantage that the floor surface is not interrupted by rails. This is particularly important if the floor doubles as a transportation route. The sizes of the wire-mesh walls are matched to the measurements of the artworks and the available space.

Picture racks on rails: ArteStore Terra

Picture racks running on rails operate with near-zero vibration and are extremely stable. A steel structure is rarely necessary, since the guide rails on the ceiling carry no weight. In this system, the dimensions of the mesh walls are matched to the measurements of the artworks and the available space. There is also the possibility to embed rails in the concrete floor, where the rail top sits flush to the floor.

Wheeled picture racking: ArteStore Rota

If customisation is not required, this system provides a cost effective solution. The degree of vibration in the movement is dependent on the quality and consistency of the floor surface. The system is available in standard sizes.


The ArteStore painting bracket is designed for use with ArteStore Penda, ArteStore Terra and ArteStore Rota mobile storage systems. It can also be used on static shelving and racking systems and picture racking held in mobile shelving systems – essentially any repository where Bruynzeel’s metal mesh has been installed for picture racking. The ArteStore painting bracket is strong, durable and easy to fit and move.


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By choosing Bruynzeel, you choose guaranteed quality and durability. The Bruynzeel manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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