Sustainability at Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Our philosophy

Perhaps the main global challenge today is how to keep the planet “in shape” for future generations. Space is becoming a scarce asset due to continuous growth of the population and the resources needed to support this growth, in return cause critical levels of toxic pollutants all around the planet. That leads us to the question: How can space saving storage solutions help to reduce this effect and create a cleaner planet, sustainable for the future?

At Bruynzeel Storage Systems, we care about the future. We want to contribute to a better world with a growing population where there is a growing need of efficient use of space and natural resources. We believe that smart storage makes a difference, both in conserving the past as well as to improve and therefore enhancing the future.

Conservation is not just about storing objects or documents, it is about protecting knowledge and information which is sealed within those treasures. Knowledge that can be unlocked to enhance the future. Unlocking information is only valuable if we are able to learn from it and use this to improve our decisions that affect our everyday life.

In our production process, we actively embrace water stewardship and the use of healthy materials by using unoiled steel. This not only saves a tremendous amount of water, it also prevents toxic chemicals from being used to clean the steel.

We aim to do the right things for our planet and our people and to have a positive impact on the lives of our employees, their families and the local community.

By using sustainable design principles, we do not just lower our own environmental footprint. It helps to decrease the footprint of our customers as well! A better future by using our solutions.

Sustainability at Bruynzeel Storage Systems

For decades, we’ve been working to minimise the impact our company and our products have on the environment. It’s an ongoing effort, and we want to keep you posted on what we’re doing.

Health and Safety

Bruynzeel Storage Systems is a caring company. Besides operating according to local Health and Safety legislation, it is our belief that we can only continue building a solid and successful organisation when our people can work safe and feel safe.

Health and safety within Bruynzeel Storage Systems therefore does not stop with working actively on eliminating any physical risk, but also includes stimulating conditions for leadership, engagement and happiness of the Bruynzeel community and its individual family members.

Delivering the highest quality 

At Bruynzeel we set the standard when it comes to delivering the highest quality products. Our products meet and exceed the leading international quality standards, as evidenced by our numerous certifications from independent experts in the field.

Staff support and retention 

Attracting, developing and retaining well-qualified people is important to us. To achieve this, we offer our employees the possibility to follow training or education programmes for free. Through this approach Bruynzeel hopes to stimulate continuous job and personal development and increase the value for ‘a life at and after Bruynzeel’.

Report ethical concern 

Bruynzeel Storage Systems expects high standards of business behaviour from itself and its partners.

Should you have a serious issue or concern related to Bruynzeel Storage Systems regarding malpractice, wrong doing, instances of fraud, a breach of ethical procedures or anything that you feel reflects questionable business procedures, we strongly encourage you to send an e-mail providing the relevant information to

If you have concerns in disclosing your identity and prefer to stay anonymous please use the web form below to submit your concerns.

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