From Monday June 7 to Friday June 11 it is International Archive Week. This is organized for the third year by ICA, International Council on Archives. ICAs mission is to promote the preservation and use of archives around the world for the protection and enhancement of the memory of the world and to improve communication while respecting cultural diversity.

A number of themes are highlighted during the International Archive Week. One of these is “Collaboration and Networking”. Although we at Bruynzeel is no archivists, we do want to ensure that cultural properties are protected and preserved for future generations. That is why we seek collaboration with international archives.


Conservation is not only about storing documents, but also about protecting knowledge and information. Unlocking information is valuable if we can learn from it and use it to improve decisions that affect our daily lives. Knowledge that can be unlocked to improve the future.

Bruynzeel ensures that with its storage systems the materials that our customers store are preserved in the best possible way. Its preservation is of great importance. Preserving the past and understanding history are critical to helping us steer the future in the right direction. Together with archivists, we review how they can organize the archive space as optimally as possible and also discuss preservation solutions and how they can protect their users and items in the best possible way.


The storage of historical documents requires specific conditions for safe and long-term preservation. Ventilation ducts and filters ensure an optimum climate to protect the archive against dust and mould. In addition to climate control, Bruynzeel’s mobile shelving has a range of features to preserve a historical archive collection.

It is also possible to opt for a night mode. The system automatically parks with spaces in between the units overnight, allowing airflow and eliminating stale air pockets – a very useful function in climate controlled environments.

In addition, the system can be linked to the building’s fire alarm. When an alarm is signalled the storage system can automatically close or open depending on whether you wish to protect it from smoke or open it to allow gas or water fire extinguishers to access the shelves.

It is not only important to store documents correctly, but it must also be possible to store confidential information securely. Mobile storage systems can also play a major role there. Think of PIN codes for authorized access and break in protection

It is also nice that the cabinets can be easily locked, so that nothing can disappear.” 

Klaas Kan

Employee of Schiphol’s Lost & Found department

In case of a new archive or the modification of an existing archive, the above elements are discussed with the archivist and the team. This way the ideal archive is created through a collaboration of archive specialists and Bruynzeel employees.

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