Museum Storage

Create safe access to irreplaceable collections

By providing innovative, space-saving solutions.

The storage of museum collections requires special attention as many have a high historical, emotional and financial value. Our museum storage solutions are designed for easy access and the safe preservation of precious collections. Bruynzeel Storage Systems has many years of international experience in providing storage systems for the world’s leading museums, supplying shelving, art storage and picture racking that is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern museums and collections.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a complete service for museum storage, from planning through to installation and maintenance. Our museum specialists are on hand to help you plan your ideal museum storage facility.

Total solution

Bruynzeel offers a wide product range that is perfect for museum storage, with a tailored solution for every type of object.


Bruynzeel storage solutions are used in museum warehouses around the world. Using our extensive knowledge base and years of experience, we will create a storage system that is right for you.

Optimal conservation

Our museum storage can provide protection from light, dust, dirt, vibration and emissions.

Picture racking

Picture racks are perfect for the archival storage of framed paintings and canvases

Fixed or mobile

Picture racking can be mounted to a wall or attached to mobile storage cabinets to optimise the available storage space


Static picture racking will hold your collection with zero vibration risk. When space is at a premium, our pull-out picture racking systems offer an ultra-low-vibration alternative

Optimal protection

Pull-out picture racking can be positioned to protect artworks from dust and light.

Small objects

Many museum storage facilities use drawers to store small objects. This has the advantage that the collection is protected from dust and light, and can be easily catalogued. Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a wide variety of drawers, available for virtually any type of small object.

Textile storage

Textiles can be stored in various ways, depending on the material and the size. For small objects, flat storage in drawers is often preferred. When installed with the addition of a fabric screen in the tray, drawers provide a breathable repository for fragile samples. Larger pieces are often better stored in rolls, which can be housed in tailored cabinets or racks.

Warehouse storage for large objects

Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a diverse range for storing large objects. Cantilever racks, pallet racks or wide span shelving units can be used, depending on the nature of the collection.

Save space with mobile systems

archive shelving

By putting picture racking, cabinets or pallet shelving on a wheeled system, a museum repository can reduce its storage footprint by 50 per cent.

Take inspiration from our completed projects

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Two special museum warehouses in Antwerp

When designing the new museum storage at MAS, the curator decided the museum store should feature visible storage, a method of maximising public access to collections that would otherwise be hidden from view. So, a mobile Compactus® Double Decker storage was installed make optimum use of the available space. The collection is visible from the public area, but is protected from damage by wire and glass screens. The double decker system allows the collection to remain safe and secure, while adding to the visitor experience.

The main exhibition space at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA) no longer met the standards for archival storage, including climate control. It was therefore decided to use a museum warehouse with a constant temperature of 19 degrees and 52 per cent humidity to store artworks during renovation. In a period of eight weeks, more than 1,200 works of art were moved to the new museum warehouse.

Project portfolio