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High density storage with Double Decker mobile shelving

Bruynzeel’s Double Decker mobile shelving is an ideal solution to maximise your archive storage if you have a building or storage facility with high ceilings. Compactus Double Decker provides four times the capacity of ordinary static storage. It offers the ultimate space optimisation for buildings with high ceilings, and costs less than the equivalent installation of mobile shelving across two floors.

A touch-sensitive electronic control panel makes operation of the system simple and user-friendly. The system’s “soft start and stop” mechanism allows the shelves to move safely and without vibration. Our sophisticated drive system moves at a constant speed regardless of load. Valuable and delicate objects remain perfectly in place. As a result, the Double Decker is proving an extremely popular choice for museum repositories, as well as for archive storage.

The two levels of shelving are connected by a unique wheel console with the uprights running the full height of the system. The weight of both levels is carried solely by the mobile units on the ground floor. Top and bottom bays move together in one smooth motion along the slots in the steel grid floor.

Clear sight lines between the two levels are maintained by the addition of a steel mesh mezzanine. Alternatively some customers prefer to specify wooden floor panels on the double decker mezzanine, which Bruynzeel will supply and fit on request.

The system can be equipped with integrated LED lighting, and additional innovative features such as Auto Air Circulation and fire alarm integration are available. The Double Decker mobile shelving system meets PD5454 standards including BS EN15095 electrical standard, required to meet PD5454.

Technical specifications for Double Decker mobile shelving

TypeCompactus Double Decker
Max operating weight15 tonnes
Load limit per upright800 kg
Required input240 V AC/16A
Power supply unit27 V DC, 320W max 11A
Motor output22 rpm, 40 W
Motor input24 V DC
Minimum depth of mobile cabinets540 mm (2 x 270 mm)
Control panel operation limitsrelative humidity lower then 90% – temperature 0 to +70°C

User friendly

OperationElectric motor
Type of driveCompactus Dynamic (Pro) XTR
DescriptionStandard fitting: electrical control panel Compactus Dynamic Pro. The intelligent electronic control system not only gives you effortless movement but also ensures user safety and protection of stored items. Accessed from the touch screen panel. You can also incorporate software that connects the panel to your company’s computer system, to programme and control access
Dual operationOptional

Automatic aisle lighting

TypeCompactus Dynamic XTRCompactus Dynamic Pro XTR
Aisle lightsFitted as standard on lower level; optional for upper level.Fitted as standard on lower level; optional for upper level.

Our Double Decker mobile shelving is fitted with aisle lights. When an aisle opens, the lights come on automatically, and are switched off again when the aisle closes.


TypeCompactus Dynamic XTRCompactus Dynamic Pro XTR
MCMSYes, standardYes, standard
Photo cellsYes. Mobile unit stops automatically when the infra red beam is interrupted by an object or person in the aisleYes. Mobile unit stops automatically when the infra red beam is interrupted by an object or person in the aisle
motion detectionOptional. Halts mobile unit when movement is detected in the aisle.Optional. Halts mobile unit when movement is detected in the aisle.
CertificationGS, IEC 60950, CE / EN 15095GS, IEC 60950, CE / EN 15095
Passive safetyYes, standard (UK)Yes, standard (UK)

Passive Safety

This safety feature locks the system as a default, forcing the user to check any open aisles for people and obstructions before operation. Passive safety is fitted as standard in the UK.

Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS)

The Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS) ensures safety for users of Double Decker mobile shelving. MCMS detects any increase in power usage caused by the motor driving against an obstruction, which will automatically cut the motor. Additional safety systems can be added to this system, such as photo cells and motion sensors. Using these features will ensure the units stop immediately in the event of a person being detected in an open aisle.

Security and locking

TypeCompactus Dynamic XTRCompactus Dynamic Pro XTR
LockingProgrammable security access. Aisle access can be limited to specific departments and individuals via computer.Programmable security access. Aisle access can be limited to specific departments and individuals via computer.
Night modeNoYes
Fire ParkYes, optionalYes, optional

Compactus Dynamic Pro offers two types of locking modes:

  1. Auto Air Circulation (time-controlled)
  2. Fire Park (signal controlled)

Colours and Finishing


Double Decker mobile shelving is available in a wide range of finishes and colors. Download the chart.



A6 Label Holder

To identify aisles.

Elba pendel frame

elba pendel frame

Store documents in Elba/Leitz/Pendex suspension pocket files.

ZT pendel frame

Store documents in Jalema/ZT suspension pocket files.

l’Oblique/TUB frame

Store documents in I’Oblique suspension pocket files.

Pull-out frame

Store documents in several types of suspension pocket files. The files are accessible from above.

Perforated shelving

Use with solid dividing bars or steel partition panels to create sub-compartments.

Steel partition panel

Used to create closed compartments.

Dividing bars


Create open barred compartments.

Sliding book support

To keep rows of books or documents upright. Can be locked in any position.

Suspended divider

To keep rows of books or documents upright. U-shape for 200, 250 or 270 mm depth. W-shape for 300 to 450 mm depth.


Store smaller goods and office supplies either loose or packed. The drawer may be divided into a number of sections.

Multi-purpose drawer

For the storage of fragile and sensitive objects, which need to be protected against dust and light.


For more information on the installation of two-tier shelving, contact your local Bruynzeel specialist.