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Saving space in the modern office

Mobile office cabinets from Bruynzeel Storage Systems save valuable floor space by centralizing office storage through the reduction of walking space and aisles. All documents and personal belongings remain within easy reach, while optimising the use of existing office space.

Our multifunctional mobile cabinet has a range of applications. Traditional archive shelving can be alternated with lockers, wardrobes, coat rails, or even a kitchen. On the exterior of the cabinets, there is room for a workstation or a coffee nook. Do you have specific storage needs for the interior of your office hub? Bruynzeel Storage Systems will happily convert your idea into a workable solution.

Get the look

In the early 2010s, a report by CABE found that the effect of the workplace accounted for nearly 25% of employee job satisfaction (against other variables such as technology, pay and incentives). Our mobile office cabinet is available in various colors and materials to ensure you get the right environment for your workplace. In addition to a wide range of wood, steel and glass panels, the cabinet can be finished with a graphic of your choice. Plan your hub to be a stand-out feature, or seamlessly blend with your existing decor.