Warehouse Storage

A warehouse or off-site storage area is a practical business facility that requires a simple and efficient storage solution. Whether it’s an art store, library repository, hospital or factory store, Bruynzeel’s  mobile shelving can double the storage capacity of the warehouse. This optimises space use and  can help reduce real estate costs. Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a wide range of fixed and mobile racks that are custom-made for maximum efficiency.

Warehouse storage

You business will place different demands on the size, finish, layout and size of any storage system required for an off-site or warehouse store. Bruynzeel Storage Systems provides cost saving and efficiency benefits for a range of industries by offering innovative products and solutions for warehouse storage.

Health care

The health care industry requires storage for patient records and files as well as medicines and supplies. Our health care storage systems can be adapted to meet all these requirements and are equipped with anti-bacterial coating.

Space Saving Warehouse Storage

A warehouse with mobile shelving takes up less space than a warehouse with static shelving. Mobile shelving is ideal for storing stock that needs to be accessed by more than one member of staff at a time.

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