Healthcare storage


Increasing patient service by optimizing healthcare storage

Healthcare is all about service and the wellbeing of patients. Every single process within any healthcare institution should contribute to that. So how can an efficient and space creating storage system help? With our smart floor space storage solutions you have the capacity to store up to 100% more compared to traditional static shelves systems and cabinets. Or you can decrease the floor space needed for healthcare storage  with up to 75%. This allows not only for more room for patients, but also has a significant impact on the environmental footprint of your organization. 

Healthcare storage solutions

Healthcare storage solutions: combination of hygiene and decrease of floor space

Hygiene is your top priority, logically! Our space creating healthcare storage solutions allow for easy cleaning underneath our movable cabinets, reducing the risk of bacteria to grow in inaccessible corners. At the same time, access to aisles or healthcare storage compartments can be easily controlled by our Bruynzeel Control Master app, ensuring that access to precious instruments or medicines is limited to authorized users. 

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Healthcare storage

Well organized healthcare storage room

Healthcare storage varies from medical supplies, drugs, disposables, journals etc . Each solution has different requirements depending on hygiene, accessibility, size, and safety. You will find drawers, shelves, hooks, tool boards, accessories in tailored sizes, as well as a light inventory system with our Control Master app. Everything to keep your storage room tidy and well organized.

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Who are we? We are:

who are we? We are:

  • An advisor for your concerns regarding hygiene, and safety requirements for your items, and users 
  • Your guiding hand to create more space in healthcare facilities
  • Your advisor in organizing your space in the most efficient and sustainable way
  • An accountable partner during the whole process, from planning, to the design, installation and service 
  • Your source of inspiration with over 70+ years of experience worldwide
  • The world’s most environmentally friendly provider of space creating solutions
  • That one resource in your project team that you can always call 
Onze Lieve Vrouwhospitaal Aalst,

Onze Lieve Vrouwhospitaal Aalst, Belgium

Doubled the existing hospital storage capacity

With the installation of a Compactus® Dynamic mobile storage system, Bruynzeel was able to double the existing hospital storage capacity. The system is safe and secure: with the possibility to safely store confidential information using PIN codes.

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Skåne University Hospital, Sweden

Skåne University Hospital, Sweden

Increase efficiency, save lives

Skåne University Hospital re-organized their storage space for surgical equipment and anesthesia. Two mobile high density shelving systems gave them the possibility to store everything in one room, and with a new layout that increased their efficiency.

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