Retail store storage solutions

Increase your turnover, reduce your footprint

The role of retail is changing in a rapid pace. Shops are turning into experience centres and different sales models ask for different storage needs. The world’s population and with that it’s consumption is growing fast and technology allows retail to easily expand their customer reach. So how do you cope with the changing retail landscape and diverse customer demands? Retail store storage solutions ensure every m2 is used in the most efficient and effective way. Less storage space required means less costs per m2 and also has a huge impact on the environmental footprint.

Retail storage solutions

Offline meets online

Click and collect is on the rise and “out of stock” might just be your worst nightmare. Whether selling offline, online or both, managing your stock levels in-store in in your warehouse is essential to drive turnover against minimal facility costs. Our retail store storage solutions can increase your storage capacity by up to 200% in the existing space. If your room has a high ceiling, storage capacity can even be increased by 300%. Selling all over the globe? No problem, so are we.

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Retail storage

Which benefits do you choose?  

Less rent due to less m2 needed in your new store? Less logistical costs due to higher inventory capacity? More turnover due to more shop floor space? More turnover due to less selling “no”? Less overhead costs by merging front and back of house? Find out what your business case looks like. 

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Who we are? We are

who we are? we are:

  • Your guiding hand during the design phase of your store or warehouse
  • Your advisor in organizing your space in the best possible way
  • An accountable partner during the whole process, from planning to design to installation and service
  • An advisor for your concerns regarding safety for your items and users
  • Your source of inspiration with over 70+ years experience and a worldwide network
  • The world’s most environment friendly provider of space creating solutions
  • That one resource in your project team that you can always call
Ede & Ravenscroft

Ede & Ravenscroft, United Kingdom

Always the right outfit on stock for precious ceremonies!

The interchangeable design is light and easy to operate, while being robust enough for our entire stock. The storage system can accommodate a huge number of outfits, making the system very cost effective.

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Maximization of sales area

A practical solution with which the warehouse is unobtrusively extended to the sales has already experienced that efficient use of space and accessibility for employees and customers go well together.

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