Electronic Drive System

drive system-Dynamic II

Electronic Drive system

To customize your Compactus® mobile shelving system you can choose to have an electronic drive system. The mobile shelving system will be equipped with an electronic user interface with an energy save mode. You can either use the touch screen or the small handle to open an aisle. The Dynamic II comes with a variety of features, both standard and optional. 


Motion control

Low vibration movement: Our “soft start soft stop” system ensures as little vibration in your system as possible. As standard, the system has a soft start and soft stop feature, which creates a smooth movement of the system. This feature is important for the preservation of fragile volumes and museum collections.


Block Movement

Our electronic mobile shelving system allows you to move a full system (up to 21 aisles) simultaneously in a consistent controlled way. This prevents any risk of collisions and damage to stored items during handling and additionally ensures an efficient, smooth and ergonomically designed operation for your staff. 


remote control

We are bringing Control Master functionality to our Dynamic II mobile storage systems.
With the Dynamic II ControlMaster® app users can open the correct aisle using a mobile phone or tablet. Even collection management system functionalities are integrated. We bring the ease of use of this functionality to our customers.

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Safety Features

Blockage detection (MCMS)

Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS), with active retraction. The system is able to detect an increase in pressure against a moving mobile shelving unit. If this increase is detected the mobile shelving unit will perform a safety stop and retract approximately 100mm to ensure that persons or objects are not injured and/or entrapped.

Safety Features


Depending on the weight and length of the mobile shelving unit, photocells shall be placed on the bottom of the mobile base. If the light beam of the photocell is interrupted by an object or person the mobile shelving unit will stop automatically.

Safety features


Engineered with safety in mind, you will find our SafetyMaster®. Multiple systems in one elegant unit that ensures the safety of your users and products. 

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Passive safety

Safety features

Visual safety (Passive safety)

This feature forces users to check if an open aisle is occupied by another user and requires a confirmation that the aisle is empty by touching both control panels to the left and right of the open aisle. After confirmation the system allows the user to open another aisle.


Manual override

Our electronic system has a back up function that will allow access to the system contents even in case of an unexpected system error. By pressing the manual override button located at the bottom of the user interface, you can overrule the system software and open an aisle. The system will disregard any sensor input so it is required to hold down the button during movement as a safety precaution. In case an aisle is protected via access control you will first need to autorize the access to the aisle before the manual override is possible.

fire park


Fire pARK 

There is an option to connect the Bruynzeel system to a (building) fire alarm. In case of a fire alarm, the system will automatically move into a “fire park” position (creating a small opening between all mobile units in order to effectively extinguish the fire or trace the position of the fire). Simultaneous with the movement an acoustic warning will be sounded.

Battery Backup



Battery back-up

The battery backup will take over the power supply during a power failure. It will enable users to access the electronic installations and it guarantees full functionality for at least 30 minutes (normal use), depending on the load and the number of mobiles.


Access & Security

Access control

The Dynamic II system includes an Access Control functionality. This makes it possible to lock aisles via a PIN-code or RFID access card. This ensures that the aisle and the contents stored within are only available for authorized users.

For even further security we provide the option for a compatible external card reader, to integrate access control of the mobile shelving system with existing building access control systems. 


Access & Security


A block of mobiles must be electronically or mechanically lockable. Electronic locking shall detect and resist forced entry attempts and issue an acoustic alarm. Aisles that are protected by the Access Control feature are automatically locked. The operating software will detect any attempt to open a locked aisle by force. The system will actively prevent opening an aisle by human force and activates an alarm. Items are hidden in the Dynamic II ControlMaster® app for users that don’t have access rights to the system or aisle(s).

Functional Features

Ventilation mode

The system has a user programmed ventilation mode which allows airflow through the system during a preset time period which can be programmed per day of the week.

Create custom automations such as: activate ventilation mode 2 minutes after last activity

Functional features

Library mode

For library (or other) environments that require open access to all aisles for a certain time of the day (optional), the system offers the feature to create aisles of 800mm – 1200mm between every mobile shelving unit. The electronic mobile system, Dynamic II, has the best safety features and a specifically designed “library mode”. Opening all aisles at once giving full access to the system. Or closing all aisles, freeing up floor space for events, gatherings or presentations. By using the PIN code on the displays the system administrator can open all aisles at once or close all aisles. The Library mode offers full access to the system during business hours whilst freeing up the same space for special events.

Functional Features

Integrated (smart) Aisle lighting

With Bruynzeel’s LED aisle lighting for high-density systems, separate lighting becomes redundant. The LED lighting is on every cabinet of the mobile storage system, but only lights in the aisle that is opened. In the Dynamic II App you can even configure for how long the aisle lighting stays on, so it does not stay on for unnecessarily long. With our LED lighting, energy consumption and thus environmental impact through CO2 emissions can be significantly lowered. Switch to Bruynzeel’s LED lighting and take advantage of all the benefits. 


Our electronic systems proudly adhere to a comprehensive set of standards and certifications to ensure the highest level of safety, quality, and performance. These standards include:


  • RAL: We are committed to RAL's rigorous quality assurance processes, which certify that our products meet strict German quality and safety standards. This demonstrates our dedication to delivering reliable and long-lasting electronic systems.
  • EN 15095: Our electronic systems comply with the European Standard EN 15095, ensuring that they meet the necessary safety requirements for use in various applications. This certification underscores our commitment to safety and reliability in the European market.
  • GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit): We proudly bear the GS mark, indicating that our electronic systems have undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. The GS certification assures our customers of the safety and reliability of our products.
  • CE (Conformité Européenne): Our electronic systems are CE marked, signifying that they meet the essential health, safety, and environmental requirements for products sold within the European Economic Area. This certification reinforces our commitment to meeting European regulatory standards
  • IEC (Interntional Electrotechnical Commission: The IEC certification refers to a process where products, systems, or services are evaluated and certified to meet international standards for electrical and electronic technologies, ensuring safety, quality, and interoperability, as established by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

By complying with these standards and certifications, we demonstrate our dedication to providing electronic systems that are not only technologically advanced but also safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible, ensuring the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

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