Mechanical hand crank

Drive SYstem - Original

Mechanical Drive system

To customize your Compactus® mobile shelving system you can choose to have a mechanical drive system. The mobile shelving system will be equipped with hand cranks. You can use the hand crank to either move one base and open an aisle, or use one hand crank to move multiple bases at once. 

Hand cranck

Key features of the mechanical drive system


Safety features

Access & Security

Motion control


Motion control

The motion control of our mechanical mobile shelving system is user-dependent, specifically tailored to how the hand crank is operated. The speed and control of the system can be finely tuned by the user, allowing for smooth motion control. By using the hand crank, users can achieve optimal performance and precise movement of the shelving units.

Block movement


Block movement

Our mechanical mobile shelving system allows you to move an average of 5 aisles simultaneously, streamlining storage and retrieval processes. However, it's important to note that the number of aisles you can move at once is dependent on the weight of the items stored. The system is designed for efficiency and adaptability, accommodating varying weight loads.

Push Pull Lock


Aisle lock

To prevent unwanted safety risks for staff, aisles can be locked, so they cannot be moved. Bruynzeel offers several locking options. To lock an aisle you can either use the push and pull lock integrated in the hand crank or choose for an integrated key lock, which can also be used for overall access control. 

Mechanical Safety Master


Mechanical Safetymaster

In case of an unforeseen emergency situation, the plinth at the bottom along the full length of the mobile bases can be pressed at any location and this will immediately activate the emergency braking system. 


Key Lock

Access & Safety

Access control

One of the standout features of our mechanical mobile shelving is the access control capability. This advanced feature allows users to limit access to the stored items through an inter-lock or key lock system, ensuring that only authorized personnel can operate the shelving units. This added layer of security makes our mechanical mobile shelving an ideal choice for environments where restricted access and confidentiality is important.

Get inspired

When you are using a mechanical drive system on a mobile Compactus system its called Compactus Original. You can find our mechanical drive system in all kinds of industries. 


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