Modern libraries are dynamic spaces, offering areas in which to relax, socialise and study. The contemporary library should be inspirational, while providing spaces for quiet reflection – a learning environment that encourages exploration, where information and stock is clearly displayed and easily accessible.

Storage is a key element in library design. Bruynzeel library shelving is available in a range of finishes to complement any library’s interior design. Shelving end panels can be specified in glass, steel or wood, in a selection of RAL colours.


  • Height: up to 2394 mm in steps of 40 mm
  • Depth of shelves: 200, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, 370, 390, 400, 450 mm
  • Length of shelves: 800, 1000, 1200 mm

Load capacity

  • Maximum load per shelf: without reinforcement RIB – according to the RAL standard: 75 kg
  • Sysco® Library shelves with adjustable feet: The adjustable feet can be used for loads up to 375 kg per section (187.5 kg per pair of feet).
  • Sysco® Library shelves with base and adjusting plates: Maximum load per section: 800 kg


Library shelves can be easily extended with a variety of accessories for specific storage needs and labelling.

Display shelf


For the attractive display of magazines and periodicals.

Folding display shelf


Combined storage and presentation solution for magazines and periodicals.

Duo shelf

Duo shelving can be used for either display or standard shelving.

Pull-out shelf

For use as a work surface or for the temporary storage of documents or small items.

Shelf stop

To create a stop at the front of the shelf.

Media drawer

Height: 140mm.
Includes 5 divider bars and a non-skid bottom.

Media tray

Height: 140mm.
Includes 5 divider bars and a non-skid bottom.

Adjustable bookend

To keep a row of books or documents upright.

Full depth bookend

Full depth adjustable bookend to keep books or documents upright. Available in left- and right-hand versions.

Component clamp

To keep rows of books, binders or folders upright.

Aisle signage

Holder for aisle labelling and identification.

Shelf-top signage

Holder for aisle identification.

End panel signage

Aisle signage. Suitable for magnetic fixings.

A5 label holder

For aisle identification and labelling.

Bay signage

For cataloguing and identification of bay contents.

Shelf label holder

Individual shelf identification.