Creating space for a healthy planet


Our vision is to be the world leader in space creating solutions contributing to a sustainable planet. This is what we believe in and defines how we act, innovate and operate. Space is a scarce asset and therefore we dedicate ourselves to produce and provide space creating solutions that have a positive contribution to our planet.

We are committed to reach
Net Zero by 2045. 


how can we help our customers and partners?



Traditionally, storage is kept in static equipment alongside aisles. These aisles are
needed to access any of the items in storage. In practise, the majority of this aisle space
is empty at any given time. A waste of space! The concept of space creating storage
solutions is based on the principle of a “flexible aisle”. By making the storage equipment
movable, an aisle can be created where needed, using the remaining space purely for
storage. When applying our DoubleDecker solution, we literally take this principle to the
next level by adding a second tier to the solution. 

By applying Bruynzeel’s space saving storage solutions, our customers achieve immediate physical footprint reduction up to 75% and additional utility (lighting, heating, cooling, cleaning) and unnecessary building materials savings.



What makes us unique in our industry is that we produce with unoiled and non-galvanised steel. By doing doing that we save:

  • Yearly 2.108.000 kg CO2 saving
  • Yearly 25.097 m3 water saving
  • Yearly 96.52 m3 waste saving
  • Yearly 15.216 L chemicals saving

    In additional we are now also able to offer Bruynzeel GreenSteel which is steel that is certified and for which the CO2 saving is accounted for by the sum of CO2 savings made throughout the total production of steel by steel producers.

Trusted and leading partner

As the footprint reduction company you can rely on us being the most sustainable partner in the industry. We are ambitious in pushing the needle for ourselves and to raise the bar together with our suppliers, partners and customers!

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