Free ebook: 10 key office trends

A new office worker has arrived: The self navigator. The self navigator is an employee who determines their own future and steers the development of the workplace.

  1. The new work
  2. Change Management
  3. Your personal meeting
  4. Clean Desk Policy
  5. The home office
  6. Square metres per office worker
  7. Contemporary storage
  8. Modern office storage
  9. Trends in lockers
  10. The BV IK

About the author

Bruynzeel commissioned the free ebook 10 office trends from independent business consultant Theo Magermans. Theo has over 35 years experience in the world of office furniture.

Theo Magermans

Independent Business Consultant

About Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Bruynzeel Storage Systems creates storage for flexible office environments affected by the new way of working. Bruynzeel’s Spacefulness concept helps companies match the increasing demand for flexible and cost effective workspaces with the ongoing need for storage. We organise your space.