LED lighting

Reduce costs
Reduce CO2 emissions
Increase brightness
Protect your assets

It’s easy to save energy with LED lighting

Bruynzeel’s LED lighting system, designed for mobile shelving systems, reduces the need for additional ceiling lighting and only illuminates when the aisle is in use. With this simple system, energy consumption and environmental impact through CO2 emissions are lowered significantly. It can help reduce energy bills for lighting by up to 98%* in an archive, library or repository building.

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 * Based on replacing conventional ceiling mounted fluorescent bulbs with LED lighting on Bruynzeel mobile storage systems

Advantages of switching to LED lighting

  • Save up to 98% on your lighting bill
  • Significantly reduce your business’s CO2 emissions
  • Huge financial savings over the lifetime of a building when fitted in new repositories, or retrofitted in your existing estate
  • No maintenance costs due to the long life of LED lamps – up to 25 years or 35,000 hours
  • LED lamps are pollutant free and more environmentally friendly than conventional lamps
  • Lamps do not need to ‘warm up’: full and immediate illumination when switched on
  • Conventional light bulbs will not be widely available in future and may become obsolete.

LED lighting fitted to mobile shelving system

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Illuminate your valuable collections without damaging them

Good quality lighting is key to the safe preservation of a museum collection, on display and in storage. Integrate Bruynzeel’s LED lighting into your repository’s mobile storage system and take advantage of LED’s kinder qualities: the lighting emits no UV or infrared radiation.

Luc Willemse

“We wanted energy efficient, low-UV LED lighting to prevent discoloration to the collection. The lighting also had to move with the mobile cabinets.

Luc WillemseCollections Manager, NaturalisView case study
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