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The office is changing. Although we are still a long way away from the paperless office, increasing digitalisation has meant paper use in our offices is decreasing. Workplaces are becoming flexible and many are introducing clean desk policies. As a result, office storage requirements in a modern workplaces are changing, too. To respond to changing time, Bruynzeel has created the office hub, a fully customisable meeting place and storage area that serves the needs of a flexible modern office worker.

Personal belongings in an office

Office storage is responding to new working patterns and behaviours. Think of the personal items you bring into work: jacket, laptop, bike helmet, gym kit, wallet or purse, desk accessories. In a flexible office, an office hub provides a central place for the storage of personal belongings. For example, our mobile office cabinet can be custom fitted with lockers and hanging rails for clothing and valuables.


Win 50% office space

A mobile storage system needs only one aisle, giving you 50 per cent more space over traditional storage cupboards. And since less floor space is taken up, a mobile storage system also means you save costs on lighting, cleaning and security. An office innovation that saves you energy and maintains your competitive edge.

How employees feel at home in an office

Timothy Jacob Jensen is the CEO of Jacob Jensen Design Bureau. This design company has clients including brands like Jabra and Bang and Olufsen. For Bruynzeel Storage Systems the bureau designed the Shade design. In ten short films Timothy explains his vision of the design, and how he ensures his office environment is set up just right for his staff.

Office hub as a buzzing centre

The office hub changes the focus in a modern office environment. Individual storage disappears and is brought together in a central location. The modern offfice, centred on an office hub, comes alive around its buzzing central meeting place.


Static office cabinets

A tidy office looks great and provides a calming work environment. Our stylish range of office cabinets, available in different colours and finishes, will help you to organise your space more effectively.

Paper in an office


Are your employees using less paper? In the design of modern workplaces, office storage space can vary from a few centimetres to several metres per employee. This is dependent upon the sector and the company. Many people still use paper on a daily basis. With a clean desk policy these papers require storage at the end of the working day.

At departmental level, every company has a store of manuals, study books and shared files. These documents require a central location for storage, where they are available to all members of staff in the department.

Our office hub can be configured with mobile filing cabinets to store your paper assets, effortlessly and efficiently, or choose from our wide range of static shelving for a more traditional configuration.

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